23 Apr
Case Study

Coruja Jones: Finding Success with un:hurd music & 2024 Plans

In the ever-evolving and competitive music space, independent artists face many challenges when it comes to marketing and promotion. However, Coruja Jones, a talented artist who joined un:hurd music from spotting us on Dragon’s Den, has managed to find success by using our marketing tools. This blog post looks into the challenges Coruja faced, how un:hurd music helped to guide his campaign success and how we’re supporting his ambitious plans for 2024.

With the release of his EP, "The Crossing," the track landed on several playlists, resulting in a remarkable surge in monthly listeners from a mere 40 to an impressive 800 in just 30 days.

Who is Coruja Jones?

Coruja Jones, the indie-folk project by Manchester-based musician Dan Jones, weaves dreamy, melancholic melodies with intricate guitar work and captivating grooves. With his debut EP "The Crossing" released in April 2020, Coruja Jones enchants listeners with soaring high notes and cavernous reverbs. 


When starting out, Coruja found the marketing and promotion landscape a bit overwhelming., He didn’t fully understand how to promote his music to reach a wider audience or the benefits some playlist placements can provide. Despite trying other tools like SubmitHub for playlisting, the feedback he received proved unhelpful and lacking in constructive guidance.

How un:hurd music helped

un:hurd music became a game-changer for Coruja Jones, providing him with the tools needed to enhance his marketing and promotion efforts. 

He found success with Playlisting, where he was recommended the most suitable and impactful playlists for his music. With the release of his EP, "The Crossing," the track landed on several playlists, resulting in a remarkable surge in monthly listeners from a mere 40 to an impressive 800 in just 30 days. He was also able to fine tune his recommendations by testing different genre keywords, to see a variety of options, the follower count, as well as how popular songs were on the playlist already. 

coruja jones spotify listener graph
Monthly Listener increase during the Playlisting campaign

Coruja also used the Insights feature to great effect as it enabled him to visualise his Spotify and social media data effortlessly. With a clear overview of his follower count and listener retention, he could gauge the loyalty of his growing fanbase and make informed decisions regarding future strategies.

Insights on un:hurd music

Plans for 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, Coruja Jones plans to continue partnering with un:hurd music. Building upon the achievements garnered through playlisting, he intends to leverage un:hurd's demographic data on his fanbase to drive his live gig strategy as he wants to expand outside of his core fanbase in Manchester. Additionally, he aims to utilise the automated targeted ads feature for increasing streaming consumption, merchandise sales.

Using data for powerful marketing

Coruja Jones's journey so far, finding success with the support of un:hurd music, demonstrates the impact a powerful marketing tool and a data-driven approach can have. He is committed to leveraging un:hurd music's features to propel his career to new heights, embracing live performances, and expanding his reach beyond Manchester. His story might be very relatable to many aspiring independent artists reading this, emphasising the importance of data-driven decision-making and how to utilise specialised tools to reach new audiences.

If you’re looking for a marketing and promotion tool to support your 2024 campaigns, join un:hurd music today, or speak to our team by email here.