2 Jun

How to Find and pitch to recommended Spotify playlists with unhurd

The un:hurd music app is able to help artists land on the perfect Spotify playlists. These are playlists that are going to drive streams, and also grow followers in key music markets globally. Through the app, we have built an algorithm that identifies the perfect playlist for you specifically as an artist and how you can pitch directly to those playlists. 

There are two ways in which you can pitch to playlists on the app. The first way is through your ‘To-Do List’. The second way is scrolling to the bottom of the page where you can see the ‘Promote Your Music’ option and then selecting ‘Get added to playlists’.

Step 1 - Choose your track

‍Once you have chosen which way to pitch, you are presented with a list of tracks that you can pitch for playlisting. These are ordered by date, so the most recent releases will be at the top, however, you can choose to sort these in any order you want. 

Step 2 - Discover recommended playlists

Once you’ve selected your track, our algorithm kicks into action to recommend the perfect playlists for that track that you can pitch directly to. We then assign an impact and probability score to each playlist. The impact score is the impact that the playlist will have on your streams and followers on the key music markets globally. And the probability score is the likelihood score that your track will land on that playlist. 

Step 3 - Pitch

‍You can then go through and select the playlists that you want to pitch to, and then you pitch directly to those Spotify curators. These curators will then review your track, provide you with feedback, and if it’s a good fit, which are algorithms said it should be, then they will place on you that playlist. 

‍We have around 25,000 Spotify playlists that you can pitch to and that number is growing every single day!

Try the un:hurd music app for yourself