29 Aug

How to Setup Your TikTok Ad Account for Artists

We're excited to announce a new feature to help artists promote their music - you can now run TikTok ad campaigns directly in un:hurd music!

Need help? Creating your ad account and connecting your account might seem tricky, so contact our team via email or book a 15 minute call to walk you through setup here.

This new feature makes it easier and faster to boost your TikTok posts and grow your audience effectively. Our algorithm suggests the most relevant targeting for your music, and the intuitive workflow makes music marketing via Tiktok simple for artists.

Benefits include:

  • Flow designed specifically for musicians
  • Easily promote your TikTok posts
  • Step-by-step guide to creating your TikTok Ads account
  • Algorithm suggests the most relevant targeting for your music
  • Tailored interests and hashtags to reach your ideal audience

To ensure you’re ready to run TikTok ads on un:hurd music, check out our tutorial videos:

How to Use TikTok Ads in un:hurd music

Learn how to set up and run TikTok ad campaigns through the un:hurd music app. We walk through the full workflow.

Creating a TikTok for Business Account

Get your TikTok account ready for promotions by optimizing your profile and content.

Creating a TikTok Ads Account

Step-by-step instructions for making a TikTok Ads account to run campaigns.

Final Checks - Review Status & Payment Setup

The final checks needed while you wait for your account to become active, to ensure you're ready to run TikTok ads on un:hurd music.

We're excited to put this powerful new promotion tool directly into the hands of independent artists. 

If you need some support, contact our team here. If you’d like to chat to us directly, you can book a call to get you setup here.