29 Feb
Product Updates

Level Up Your Music Marketing Game With un:hurd Pro

Level Up Your Music Marketing Game With un:hurd music Pro

Are you an artist looking for new ways to improve your marketing and promotion? Look no further than un:hurd music Pro, our new paid membership that provides a star-studded lineup of exclusive features, discounts and benefits to help you succeed. 

Let’s explore why artists should choose Pro and how you can amplify your music promotion and growth.

🤝 1:1 Access with Our Marketing Experts

As a Pro member, you'll have the invaluable opportunity to connect directly and consult with un:hurd music's marketing experts. Receive personalised guidance, tips, and advice tailored to your music career goals.

🎵 Pitch to Your Recommended Playlists at a Discount

As a Pro member, you'll enjoy up to 10% off our playlisting feature. Pitch your music to playlists hand picked to suit your music, and gain valuable exposure to new audiences. See how popular playlists are with live follower counts, number of songs, and average popularity score of the tracks on it. If your pitch is unsuccessful, our network of curators will give you valuable constructive feedback that benefits you, your music and your future pitches. 

💥 Unlimited Automated Social Ads with Powerful Targeting

Turbocharge your advertising efforts using un:hurd music’s powerful targeting capabilities to reach valuable new listeners. With no booking fees, you can drive engagement and grow your fanbase like never before.

🌟 Create your Fan Hub in Minutes

Create a mobile-friendly fan hub that gives you your own online space to build your community and foster an active fanbase. Designed for artists, your exclusive fan hub allows you to centralise links to your communities and socials, showcase your music and collect email addresses and phone numbers of your most engaged fans. Even better - it doesn’t require any tech expertise and we easily guide you through the process so you can launch a site quickly.

📊 Access Your Social and Streaming Lifetime Data & Receive personalised insights and recommendations

Gain valuable insights into your audience and track the performance of your social and streaming profiles with lifetime data access. Our unique insights tool demystifies your data, giving you insights into what’s important and what next step to take to implement data-driven marketing strategies

💰 Exclusive Partner Discounts Worth £1000s

Enjoy exclusive discounts from our partner network worth thousands of pounds. From content creation to distribution services, un:hurd music Pro membership provides access to a range of discounted benefits that will save you money while helping you find solutions for all your marketing and promotion needs.

📰 Stay Informed with Weekly Social Trends and Insights

Receive our weekly Pro newsletter, providing you with a roundup of the latest social trends, insights, and industry news. Designed to give you content ideas to keep your socials fresh, it also allows you to stay up to date with the ever-evolving music landscape and gain a competitive edge in your promotional strategies.

View the full list of Pro benefits and features here

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