5 Jun
Product Updates

June Update - Pro Membership Official Launch & Feature Enhancements

It’s been another busy month as we give un:hurd music a major level-up, to give you the best tools for cutting through the noise. We’ve packed this update with feature enhancements for playlisting, benchmarking against other artists, a ‘To-Do’ revamp and the expansion of the Pro membership. Plus, we can announce some exciting partners who will offer discounts to Pro members!

The Pro membership has levelled up

After a successful beta period, we listened to our community and have now officially launched our Pro membership with some major improvements to the app! Pro now gives you access to more tools and unlocks exclusive discounts so you can run even more effective campaigns. 

As a Pro member, you can access

  • 10% off playlist pitches with NEW ‘Successful Pitch’ filtering
  • NEW Partner discounts including Rotor Video, Syncvault, RepostExchange and Masterchannel
  • NEW Personalised "Benchmark Insights" marketing actions
  • NEW Pro To-Do items
  • No fees for automated social ads
  • 1:1 expert marketing support
  • Personal website & fan hub
  • Lifetime data / insights
  • Weekly trends mailer

Open un:hurd music

Easily Revisit Your Playlist Successes

Find your previously successful pitches

No need to dig through old playlist campaigns! We've added a "Previous Playlists" tab displaying every playlist you've been accepted onto before. Easily re-pitch your new music to playlists perfect for your music.

An Overhauled To-Do List

New ToDo actions and designs

After speaking to hundreds of artists, we've revamped your To-Do list with more tips and tasks. Popular To-Dos remain, and we've added many more tips, templates and partner promotions - like how to book a Spotify Marquee ad, find your niche on TikTok, and more. We're delighted to welcome some new partners, offering exclusive Pro member discounts.

Unlock exclusive discounts with un:hurd's new music partners to support you through every stage of your creative journey to level up your artistry and save cash.

Benchmark yourself against similar artists

Compare yourself to similar artists in your niche

You can now compare your Instagram followers, Spotify followers, monthly listeners, and more with artists at the same stage as you - now available on iOS!

Identify how you’re performing compared to other artists then take data-backed marketing actions directly through un:hurd music. 

Note: Make sure you've updated to the latest version of un:hurd music on iOS for full access - just head to the App Store and tap "Update"!

Open your 'Insights'

New Partner Discounts 💸 

We’ve confirmed some exciting new partnerships with brands to help you with all aspects of music, including Masterchannel and Rotor Videos! Pro members can reap the benefits with some tasty discounts too. Find them in your new To-Do list.

We will be releasing all the details of the partners and discounts in an upcoming blog.

un:hurd Masterclass sessions are live

After the launch of our Discord community, we’ve started up our masterclass sessions with industry experts & music legends. This gives you the chance to get deep insight and behind-the-scenes stories in different fields to develop your knowledge across music, from creation to release to promotion.

Check out our masterclass on growing a true fanbase organically with social media. We welcomed our guest speaker & Social Media Coach, Ayaz Hussain, from All About Helping.

Explore the Pro membership and new feature enhancements on un:hurd music now.

We're working tirelessly to upgrade un:hurd music as your go-to marketing tool for audience development. New features are hitting the pipeline, so get ready to cut through the noise!

Have any q’s about our updates, or want help with using un:hurd music? Chat to us over email or dm us on Instagram.