22 Aug

Is un:hurd music Legit? We Put Your Mind at Ease

As a team of music lovers and marketers, our mission at un:hurd music is simple: help artists reach their full potential. We know firsthand how challenging it can be to cut through the crowded music landscape today. That’s why we provide the tools and expertise independent artists need to find and grow their audience.

Everything we do is driven by our desire to help independent artists. We partner with musicians at every stage of their career. We provide an easy-to-use app which provides you with a marketing team in your pocket. If you're a bit further along your journey, we have bespoke marketing packages, tailored to your needs.

The un:hurd music Platform

The un:hurd music app puts robust data analytics and marketing capabilities right in your pocket. Get a 360-degree view of your fanbase and performance with data synced across Spotify, Instagram, YouTube and more. Then, let our powerful algorithms help you identify opportunities to expand your reach and engagement. You’ll gain insight into streaming trends, social media growth, playlist placements and more.

Features like social media advertising and playlist pitching make it simple to execute targeted campaigns directly within the app. You can start gaining new fans and listeners without needing to break the bank, or spending hours researching how to run campaigns manually.

The Reality of Playlist Pitching

One of un:hurd music's core features is the ability to pitch your music to Spotify playlists right within the app. But it's important to understand that pitching does not guarantee placement.

A single playlist submission costs £6.99. Our matching algorithm recommends playlists that are most relevant to your music.

However, the final decision lies with each playlist's curator. There are additional factors impacting your chance of getting selected:

  • Quality of Your Music - Songs need to meet the playlist's standards and fit the vibe. Curators are selective, so high-quality productions tend to fare better.
  • Competition - Popular playlists get flooded with submissions. Your song has to stand out from the crowd. Timing and luck also play a role.

While we increase your odds, un:hurd musiccannot override a curator's discretion. Our success rate is strong, but placements aren't guaranteed.

If your track gets rejected, we provide constructive feedback so you can refine and improve for next time. Pitching playlists is a process that often takes persistence.

The Power of Data

We believe data should empower, not overwhelm. Our technology transforms data into digestible, visual insights. Charts and graphs help you quickly identify opportunities and trends.

Too often artists rely solely on vanity metrics like follower counts. But peeking behind the curtain reveals so much more about your fans' behaviours. At un:hurd music, we uncover the context needed to make smarter marketing decisions.

Of course, data only goes so far. We translate analytics into proven audience-building strategies tailored just for you. From personalised to-dos and recommendations on the app, to a human touch with a larger budget. This ensures your unique artistry and brand shine through.

Proof Our Strategies Deliver Results

We understand you want to see evidence that un:hurd music's approach actually works for artists. Here are a few recent examples of the tangible success we've achieved:

  • Electronic artist Mostafa Ryad used our playlist pitching tools to secure placements on over 1,000 Spotify playlists in just 2 months. This exposure led to a 15% gain in followers and increased streams by 20 times for Mostafa.
  • We ran a targeted social ad campaign for Techno DJ Franky Wah's new album focused on the UK and Germany. Franky saw his monthly listeners increase by by 45,000 and follower count grow by nearly 5,000 in a short time frame.
  • For indie pop artist Tayla Parx, our Marketing Team executed an influencer and Instagram ad strategy concentrated on North America. The integrated campaign generated over 20,000 new Spotify listeners for Tayla within 6 weeks.

While we can't share every client detail, these real examples with actual artists demonstrate what becomes possible by partnering with un:hurd. Our data-backed strategies deliver measurable growth in the areas that matter most. We know how to effectively move the needle for artists at any stage of their career. The proof is in the results.

Giving Artists Control

As music pros ourselves, we know labels and distributors don’t always have artists’ best interests in mind. Maximising streams and revenue becomes their sole focus.

But genuine audience connection should be the priority. At un:hurd, we help you grow your fanbase without compromising creative control or ownership. Our platform and services provide the resources to boost independence.

You deserve transparency about where your listeners come from and how your releases perform. We make data accessible and actionable so you can make empowered decisions. Numbers never lie, but other players don’t always reveal the full analytics picture.

Join the un:hurd music family!

If you're ready to unlock your potential as an artist, we encourage you to start a free trial of un:hurd music today. Once you link your accounts and see the data we provide, you’ll quickly grasp the opportunities.

Our simple subscription plans ensure you get ongoing value at an affordable price. For deeper partnerships, our Marketing Team offers flexible packages to meet your budget and needs.

We believe in fair pricing and putting tools directly in the hands of artists. Meet us where you are, and we'll help elevate your music together. Your fans are waiting - let’s bring them in!