16 May

How to add/ remove your Instagram account to your Facebook page

Updated: 21 August 2023

Linking your Instagram account to your artist or band's Facebook page can provide valuable interconnectivity. You'll be able to easily share posts between the platforms, promote content across both channels, and even manage Instagram direct messages straight from your Facebook page.

Whether you're looking to drive traffic to a new music video premiere or advertise an upcoming tour, integrating Instagram with Facebook helps unite your branding and messaging. It takes just a few quick steps to connect the two profiles and unlock additional capabilities for cross-promoting your work.

Before you begin

You may need to convert to an Instagram professional account to link to a Facebook Page (if the Facebook Page is managed in Business Manager). We recommend completing this step in advance.

To create an Instagram account, download the app from your phone and follow the screens for creating a new account.

If you have a personal account, you will be prompted to convert to a business account during the linking process.
You must be the admin of the Facebook Page.

Add or remove Instagram account

1. Open your Facebook Page.
2. Select Settings from the left menu.
3. Select Instagram.
4. To add an Instagram account to your Page, select Connect account.

Make sure that the "Allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox" is toggled on and then click Continue. Enter your Instagram account's username and password, and select Log in.

If you do not have a business account, you will be prompted to convert your personal account.To remove an Instagram account, select Disconnect and confirm that you would like to remove the Instagram account.