1 Mar
Product Updates

Introducing the Artist Fan Hub

Introducing the Artist Fan Hub

For artists looking for a central place to showcase their music, own their fan data, and streamline their online presence, we’re excited to reveal an exciting new feature: un:hurd music Fan Hub!

You can now create a mobile-friendly hub that promotes you and connects with your fans, all without needing tech expertise with building websites! Let’s explore…

The un:hurd music Fan Hub for Artists

🎵 Artist-Friendly Builder 

Our Fan hub creator provides 11 guided steps to launch a site live in just a few minutes. Enter your bio (with help from AI), paste links to new releases, social media profiles, spot and link your fan community platforms seamlessly. 

💡 AI-Generated Bios

Combat writer's block with AI assistance for crafting compelling homepage bios. Effectively communicate your story, musical journey, and artistry to captivate your fans.

Enhance your bio with AI

👥 Own Your Fanbase 

You no longer need to rely on rented audience data from social and streaming platforms. Build your community by easily collecting emails and phone numbers which can easily be exported!

Easy Fan Community Building

⭐️ Centralise All Your Links

It’s time to stop managing multiple links across different platforms and smartlinks. Simplify your online presence by centralising streaming platforms, social media profiles, community links, and more. Provide fans with a one-stop hub for exploring your music and connecting with you.

🌐 A Fan-Optimised Experience

Your fans are on their mobiles for most of the day, so deliver a seamless fan experience across all devices with mobile optimisation. The horizontal page scroll ensures all your information and promotion is readily accessible and never missed.

📊 Improve Your Advertising With Tracking and Retargeting Fans

Make your marketing efforts more effective by tracking and retargeting fans who visit your site. Add Meta and TikTok pixels to optimise advertising and deepen your connection with your audience.

Find out what a pixel is and how you can use them here.

🌟 Choose Your Aesthetic

Select from 12 captivating aesthetics that match your musical style and brand. Design a visually striking website that represents your unique identity, without the hassle of designing and coding yourself.

Select from 12 backgrounds (we'll be adding more soon)

It’s time to effortlessly create a visually captivating website that showcases your music and engages your fanbase. To build your website, head to the Fan Hub builder on un:hurd music, or join Pro today or start your free trial now.