27 Sep
Product Updates

Track Your Insights Like Never Before

We're excited to share how you unlock the power of your data with un:hurd music. Your data has never been easier to understand, which you can use to make better marketing and promotional decisions.

🔎 Connect Spotify to see your full streaming and social performance

By connecting your Spotify account, you can see insightful charts tracking your streams, top tracks, fan locations, demographics, and more. un:hurd music crunches the numbers to provide you with clear insights on your streaming growth, competition and fanbase.

Your data is easy to understand on un:hurd music

📊 Your key metrics at a glance

The un:hurd music home screen features a snapshot of your data across the most important social media and streaming platforms. Monitor your growth and reach with just a quick glance every time you open.

Did you know: If you want to add more profiles, just send us a message on intercom and we’ll do that for you.

Your key stats on your un:hurd music homepage

🗺 Discover who your fans are and where they're located

With your data integrated, un:hurd music can identify where your fans are concentrated globally, down to the city-level, in order of size. Know where to focus your marketing strategy, touring schedule or ad budget.

See who your fans are and how to reach them

🎯 Use data to run smarter campaigns

Convert insights into action with data-driven campaigns. For example, easily grow your TikTok followers using ads which are automatically targeted to your top fan locations and demographics - paired with interests based on your music.

Use your data to effectively target the right fans with social promotion

📅 Compare your data platform vs platform

Easily switch between tracking your social media followers vs your streaming audience. See where you under-index and where your marketing efforts should be focused.

Compare your social and streaming platform data

📊Spot trends by comparing metrics

See the whole story by comparing metrics like monthly listeners vs. followers, playlist adds vs. reach, and more. Identify what's driving your growth and where there's untapped potential.

Compare your numbers to see the full picture

Find out what your data is staying about you, and where your fans are based on the un:hurd music app. Stay up-to-date with updates around our tools and music marketing via our newsletter.