5 Dec

2023 unhurd Wrapped Has Landed: All You Need To Know

Official 2023 un:hurd music Wrapped

The official 2023 un:hurd music wrapped has landed and highlights the success of over 37 thousand artists that have used un:hurd music to grow their fanbase this year! 2023 has been the best year yet for un:hurd music artists, reaching new fans both online and offline - let’s dive into the stats:

(all data spans from 1 January to 15 November 2023)

37,279 Artists Trusted un:hurd music

37k artists downloaded unhurd in 2023

Over 37 thousand artists joined un:hurd music in 2023, spanning 129 countries and from over 75 different genres (and 2369 subgenres)! Independent artists across different career stages used our tools to find and connect with new audiences. 

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81,581,949 Spotify Streams Generated

81 million spotify streams generated via unhurd

By analysing campaign data, we found artists gained an incredible 81 million Spotify streams throughout the duration of their un:hurd music campaigns! The platform has helped artists pitch their songs to Spotify playlists and drive consumption via ads on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

55,532 Songs Landed on Playlists

55k songs landed on spotify playlists via unhurd

Our simple but effective data-led Spotify playlist pitching tool empowers artists to pitch their tracks to impactful playlists. We’re proud to say we’ve landed almost 56k songs on playlists! Getting on playlists has proven highly successful for expanding an artist's reach to new audiences and is an effective way of growing your fanbase.

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4,625,351 Monthly Listeners Gained

4.6 million spotify monthly listeners gained via unhurd

With our effective playlist and marketing campaigns converting fans into listeners, un:hurd music artists enjoyed a whopping 4.6 million new Spotify monthly listeners in 2023.

289,270 New Followers on Spotify

289k new spotify followers gained via unhurd

A key goal for any artist is to build an engaged fanbase that repeatedly streams their music. This past year, un:hurd music artists gained 289k Spotify followers during their campaigns

380,617 New Fans on Instagram

380k new instagram fans gained via unhurd

A powerful fanbase not only streams, but engages with your content. We’re delighted to see our platform has helped artists grow their social following on Instagram by 380k ensuring their fans can access them away from just listening to their music.

5 Million YouTube Views

5 million youtube views gained via unhurd

Alongside audio streaming, video remains a vital way for new fans to discover talent. un:hurd music artists generated over 5 million YouTube views in 2023.

The immense growth and engagement seen by un:hurd music members this past year demonstrates the power of accessible music marketing and promotion, at your fingertips! We can't wait to drive even bigger results for artists in 2024!

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